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@ComunitaEbraicaRoma,2628342: [il sangue cristiano.pdf] but: (1). the Christians are cannibals? (2). why: Some Jews unbalanced:ILLUMINATED: trying of: drinking tea: the blood of Christians? 1. because: one man: can be properly: to: cannibal? then: him: NOT: should eat: one: one person! like this: by: this point of: view: the Christians NOT: 2. can be cannibals. thing: that, that it is: the: Rabbis: Scribes Farie Kakam: i: THE: Illuminati: of the IMF: that: have: to: Talmud: the demonic: At The Pulse: cannibalism! and that: that: I say? is: dramatically documented: by: to: the: expulsion: and the: massacres: Holocaust: Holocaust: that: to: THE: innocent Jews (THE: my people): have: always suffered, etc. etc.! for to understand something? we must require: of: the study: theological reasons: the horrible practice OF THE blood: because: in the blood is: THE included: life!". of course: all born in the:paradise earth" because: THE lengthening: hand for take: THE: fruit: of a: forbidden tree? the: our: accomplices, Adam and Eve (I think: that: all we did: personally: THE: Their: same: offense!) for having had to endure: also: us: the only form of: Reincarnation: Transmigration: regression: that: is: in reality: a: decay: size. Since, by committing ourselves: THE: Of sin: treason or disobedience: disobedience: Against God: we have done: to: Crime infinity: against: the infinity of love: God that: of: for, if: we have seen (for THE: infinite justice): all already fallen: in the deep abyss of hell: immediately: if God in HIS: compassion for us: NOT: he had killed: animal: for THE: our redemption. This sacrifice is: done: by: God personally (because: NOT: exist to: priestly service) in behalf of: each of: us: i: a: of sacrifice: the blood: for Of The Atonement: sin: and with: THE: skin (flesh) of: that animal (one: form: imperfect: of: redemption.) as follows: God has: THE faced: our: naked"! here is why: instead: of: being precipitated: directly: hell: to: Been us is: date: this: second chance: intermediate:, but: in the" paradise on earth: we had the: options: 1. of the immortality: 2. of the infused knowledge: and 3. of the sanctifying grace. why: just this:" horror of the Blood:chosen: as: of the instrument: Redemption? I has: fight: often against: God, but then I has:. understood that: NOT: exist to: another system: for to make this clear: to us, ie: to our minds: and fallen: subdued: by: occult forces: supernatural: THE: our inherent perversity: and THE: reality infinitely: cruel of the sin. Perhaps it is: why: the: women have Of The horror: blood: any: month: that: they are more sensitive: and of the most advanced, men! but, without being hypocritical?: we Christians are cannibals!". and this topic: greatly embarrassed all the Christians: why: Their: NOT: be prepared theologically: to: the horror of God: against: THE: sin! indeed: is: still suffered: THE: censorship of the integral ago: awkward: Word of God: made by the churches. this: is: still evident: the liturgy! for to be: the: religious: of: any: religion: the induced hypocrisy as: a: Wrong: concept:pacifist" of: God what Jesus has: intended to do: through: THE: HIS: voluntary act: of: Destruction: of the His: body: for to have done: of: himself: the only one universal and absolute: unique:Lamb of God": and then: of: perpetrating liturgically: this horror: of: extreme love in:is this: THE: My true body, blood, soul, divinity!" ie: of: commit: really: this cannibalism against: of: he: by: Part of: all the Christians: for In Their Food: THE: HIS: same: divine life! Upon failure of: this: HIS: divine transmission: in Too many Christians? that: that: here: it must be said: and that: at the: of: out: of the same feelings of universal love of God? NOT: THE only: Sacrifice of Christ: but: the same sacrifice of a: animal: or: THE: Blood of a: Christian child: for a: jew perverse NOT: only is: useless but becomes counterproductive for to bring the madness:here's why: Many of between-you: I am dead!: all on time: as: have: already told all the: prophets of Israel: teaching: that: one: NOT mind: sick: NOT: humiliate: of: the face of schizophrenia of the Talmud.:LaVeraDottrina" said: the: dogmatic definitions: of the Teaching are: THE: NEXT rule: of the Faith, while the: Scriptures are: THE: REMOTE rule: of the faith.-- ANSWER - this is: also: true for THE: ILLUMINATI: Scribes Pharisees: of the IMF: that:, drink tea: the blood of Christian children bled.:[il sangue cristiano.pdf]": for Do of all THE: mankind: to: all unique bunch of: bashful! but, THE-faith NOT: is: One: Series of: written rules. THE: faith is: to: THE: opposite is: one: personal relationship with: God. thing: has: to this: you God: the last time? per la vostra salvezza: fisica: religiosa: spirituale e morale? Dio ha mandato a voi: un uomo soltanto. scusate se questo: per voi può sembrare poco.. ma, i vostri padri con tutta la loro perversione? loro si sarebbero accontentati!
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