Paranormale kabbalah Talmud

Hassidic rabbi Elior Chen Noam only followed the rules of orthodox Judaism, as it is taught by the great halachic authority - the Vilna Gaon in his famous "Even Shleima" 6:1-2.

in 0:39 the reporter says "..They were made to eat feces and were kept locked in a suitcase for days at a time..." Here again, Rabbi Chen seems to have applied talmudic dictum upon those Jewish kids, as we read in Tractate Eruvin 21b: כל המלעיג על דברי חכמים נידון בצואה רותחת (translation): "Anyone who mocks at the words of the sages (the rabbis, of course), his punishment is in boiling feces."

So based on this criteria, this rabbi simply followed the instructions of his superiors, the great rabbinic sages who would not compromise. My heart goes after the poor little victims of religious abuse.